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Liz Caymen

Sparks and Scars

The first book in The Power Plays series by Liz Caymen

Love on the edge - can Blake and Dominic survive the threats that surround them?

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Their forbidden passion could be their undoing or their salvation. Can they find a way out together?

From: Sparks and Scars

About Sparks and Scars

An electrifying tale of love and peril, Sparks and Scars masterfully intertwines the raw intensity of forbidden romance with the gripping suspense of a life overshadowed by a criminal legacy - a riveting journey of redemption and passion.

About The Power Plays Series

How long until an undeniable passion forces dangerous secrets and desires out into the open? How long can a spark between two exes burn before it melts the ice they're standing on? Dive into the universe of four couples, four stories, as they fight their opponents and their instincts on and off the ice.

  • A jilted trainer helping a mysterious newcomer to the team.
  • An Olympic figure skater coaching a hockey player, and also her ex.
  • The small-town reporter sees the All-Star who left her behind.
  • A PR shark sent to put out the fires of a notorious player.

The Power Plays Series delivers secrets, lust, and sexy intrigue within the world of hockey that you won't want to put down.

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About Liz

Liz Caymen, author from Chicago, skillfully entwines passion and suspense in The Power Plays series, shining in her standout novel, Sparks and Scars. A romance writer, ex-English teacher, and a food-travel enthusiast, she's as versatile as her enticing love stories.